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  1. Pixelized jellyfish in aquarium

    How to get started with MagicaVoxel

    For some time, I have been using an open-source 3D tool called MagicaVoxel. If you have ever played or know about Minecraft, then it is a bit like that. It is free to use for any project and relatively easy to get started with compared to other 3D software. The pre-set light and render settings really help.

  2. Client machine communicating with server machine using a protocol like a menu on a restaurant

    What is a server?

    For a very long time, I had a somewhat clouded idea of what servers were... some kind of special distant computer? Turns out it was in the name all along and a server is a machine that serves you with things. It could serve you a website, data you can download or other stuff. It can be near or far away.

  3. Daylight data in table turning into a graph

    What is data visualization?

    I often go around with a sort of unspecified bad feeling towards decreasing daylight every winter. I know there are times when the sun sets and rises, I even have them listed in a spreadsheet, but this is not very helpful.

  4. Idea turn into image or diagram or animation

    What is a visualization

    Visualization is a word for when you have created an image, diagram or animation to convey a message or an idea. Above is a visualization visualizing visualization. When computers made it possible to create digital graphics, this opened up many possibilities for visualizing things. You could then more easily create 3D, data, and scientific visualizations. Great stuff!