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The Day & Light Poster

Three versions of the day and light poster svalbard kiruna gothenburg

A visualization of the amount of daylight throughout the year, when the sun sets and rises each day from a location of choice. Day & Light Poster has both aesthetic value and informative body, bringing you the happiness of knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this exactly?

This poster visualizes when the sun sets and rises each day throughout a year based on a particular location. The vertical axis displays the time down to the minute, the horizontal axis shows the date. After the sun sets (or before it rises) we have twilight zones, nautical and astronomical twilight, equivalent to how many degrees the sun is below the horizon. This is visualized with darkening areas. 50x70 cm.

Poster showing graph curves of daylight experienced from Stockholm

What is "Belt of Venus"

It is an atmospheric phenomenon which renders a pinkish glow, a band above the Earth's shadow. The particles and  molecules in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays and, together with the distance of the sun below the horizon, this makes us see pink colours.

What size is the poster?

It is 500x700 mm.

The paper?

To account for every possible location and minimise shipping distances, we use different print shops across the world. Because of this we use various kinds of paper. If you want to know which paper we will use for your poster, you are welcome to email hej@orderorder.io.

Have you accounted for daylight saving time?

Yes, see the sharp glitches in four places on the poster? Those are when we change clocks. Of course some areas do not use DST and those posters have uninterrupted curves.

Who are you?

We are Order Order Studio and we work with information design and visualization.

Why did you do this?

Like many people who live high up in the Northern Hemisphere we have a special relationship to the sun and the weather. In the winter we are light deprived and in the summer it is always shocking, “Wow, it’s still light outside while I am sleeping?!”. We became curious to know the facts about daylight: how much, when and where, as well as the distribution across different locations. Could you visualize it in some way? This gave birth to a poster. A healthy baby daylight poster.

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