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Visualizing Collaboration


Visualizing Collaboration

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Showing Advantages and How to Work Together

Lund University has several research facilities they want to use as a basis for collaboration to a greater extent. The department for research, innovation and collaboration needed visual aids when talking about advantages and how to go about working together with executives, R&D personnel, researchers, consultants – as well as politicians.

We created a library with graphics to be used for presenting, communicating and talking about this, regardless of medium. The system with symbols needed to be modular and flexible so they could be moved around and adapted to different settings. 

A key factor was to communicate different levels of working together. It was important to show that organisations can connect their existing development process to collaborate while using a research facility.  Both organisations’ and individuals’ parts needed to be addressed – and we had go in detail and highlight what each participant can do and receive in each process step.